Cranial Nerves


I.        Olfactory:  smell (use coffee or mints to assess)

II.      Optic:  vision (Snellen chart)

III.     Oculomotor:  pupil constriction (lift eyebrows and upper eyelid)

IV.      Trochlear:  eye movement (down and in)

V.        Trigeminal:  chewing, face and scalp sensations (touch on the face; blink)

VI.      Abducent:  lateral eye movement (pupil response; “H” movement with finger)

VII.     Facial:  expressions in the forehead, eyes, mouth (frown; show teeth; raise eyebrows; shut eyes tight)

VIII.    Acoustic:  hearing, balance (should be able to hear whisper)

IX.       Glossopharyngeal:  taste, swallowing, salivating (test gag reflex)

X.         Vagus:  swallowing, heart rate, respiratory (use tongue blade to test gag reflex)

XI.       Accessory:  shoulder movement, head rotation (shrug shoulders; turn head side to side)

XII.      Hypoglossal:  tongue movement (stick tongue out and move side to side)

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