More On the Number IX

Nine represents personal integrity and the completion of the final stage of development.


♫  This final stage may bring certain problems with it. Past experiences and methods of coping become important here and are an intrinsic part of the meaning attached to (Nines) representing personal integrity and completion, or the final stage of development.

♫  Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concepThis final stage may bring certain problems with it. Past experiences and methods of coping become important here and are an intrinsic part of the meaning attached to (Nines) representing personal integrity and completion, or the final stage of development.t of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism and the humanitarian; lightworking and lightworkers, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, soul purpose and mission, generosity, a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, and strength of character.

♫  The Number 9 also resonates with learning to say ‘No’, creative abilities, sensitivity, loyalty, generalist, discretion, brilliance, problem-solving, inner-wisdom, self-love, freedom, popularity, high ideals, tolerance, humility, altruism and benevolence, empathy, non-conformity, artistic genius, an expansive viewpoint, eccentricity, communication, influence, perfection, magnetism, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and sympathy, the visionary, duty and calling, obligation, mysticism, optimism and Divine wisdom.

♫  The qualities of the number 9 are those of leadership, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spiritual, last symbol before return to unity, ability to understand, inborn talents, compulsions, introspection, personal integrity, unity, truth, perfection, concord, dissolves ego attachments, challenges faced in looking for your own wisdom.

♫  Idealistic 9’s, capable of realizing those ideals, are intensely passionate people needing to control their wild impulses.

♫  Variously assertive, trusting, generous, selfish and willful, 9’s seriously need stabilizing influences.

♫  In love, 9’s are romantic, ardent and impetuous.

☼  Relates to ☼

Ketu (The South Node of the Moon/Karma, residue of past lives)

The Hermit Tarot Card



☼  Character  ☼
The Seer, artistry, high moral sense, good advisor.

☼  Negative Attributes  ☼

♠Negatively, Number 9 relates to disconnection/dreamy/inability to concentrate or focus and lethargy

♠  The Number 9 is considered to be feminine and introvert.  The related planet is Uranus and it is related to the star sign Sagittarius.  The Tarot card related to the 9 vibration is the Hermit.

♠  9 is wisdom and responsibility, and the ultimate goal of the Number 9 is to serve humanity.  This vibration has come to serve the world and make it a better place for all to live in.

♠  9 represents human’s ‘earthly lesson’, which is ‘forgiveness’.  Number 9 learns selflessness and compassion.

♠  People with the 9 energy work without motive. Their purpose is for the greatest good of all. They have a protective energy and they have great power and love in their soul. They are aware that they have come with a mission that adheres to the principle of Universal Love and compassion. They will grow and learn throughout their lifetime tolerance, compassion, selflessness and generosity. There is a great strength of character within the 9 person, as well as wisdom, intuition and high idealism. There is also a great deal of warmth of feeling and love of home, family and friends.

♠  The Number 9 person may not fully understand their great love of nature, until they raise their vibration to the level of love for all humanity  –  selfless giving with the reward of service.

♠  The 9 energy is charitable, benevolent and altruistic. They must, however, not allow themselves to become doormats or martyrs. Number 9 has a sympathetic understanding of the under-privileges and under-developed, while at the same time sharing the aspiration and idealism of the more advanced souls. By respecting the Universal Law of Love and Service, and practicing humility, Number 9 individuals can turn passion into compassion.  The 9 energy is quick to become tense and stressed, as they attempt to solve everyone else’s problems for them.

♠  The Number 9 symbolizes the principle of Universal philosophy or consciousness; 9 is the dreamer and feels at home in the realm of the arts, medicine, religion, drama, philosophy and metaphysics.

♠  The 9 vibration is a healer and educator, acting always for the benefit of others; 9 looks for solutions from the inspirational, intuitive and creative worlds. The 9 energy is loving, compassionate and supportive.

♠  The 9 vibrations is the natural leader … people assume that they are in charge even if they are not.

♠  The 9 energy takes care of everyone else but needs to learn to speak up when they themselves need help, love and support.

♠  9 is the visionary with an insight into the Universal Higher Laws of Life.  They are psychic, sensitive and thoughtful.  The 9 energy person understands others’ experiences of life, as they have gone through them and can give sympathy, support and love.

♠  The 9 energy is the ‘Light of the World’, and life will demand that they be ‘all things to all people’.  The 9 vibration person goes through many personal love relationships and experiences, disappointments and sorrows.  The 9 individual has ran the gammit of personal experiences, including both the highs and lows, the mundane and the spiritual, and have compassion and a rare understanding for all.  They learn not to take on the responsibilities of others, but to teach and give, with selfless giving and service.

♠  9’s are very creative and the fields of art and culture may interest them.  They enjoy luxury and have an appreciation of beauty in all its forms.

♠  The intense and deep emotions of the 9 person allows them to be responsible, on all levels.  They are able to rise from the bottom to the top, and have the ability to heal and restore, both themselves and others.  They teach by example and radiate their energies out to those around them.

♠  These energies grow in fidelity as they use their talents to become fulfilled.  Material security is not usually important to the 9 energy, other than to survive without financial stress or hardship.  Love, trust, friendship and loyalty are by far more important.

☼  The illuminated 9 comes into the physical life to serve, and in doing so, will raise their vibrations to the highest spiritual levels  ☼

♣  Positive Characteristics  ♣

independent, courageous and resilient

 optimists by nature

able to cope with life’s ups and downs

sure of themselves and are generally content with their lot


♥  Once set on a course of action, 9s will follow their chosen course with determination and they will not be put off or disheartened.  Their enthusiasm and vitality can have a positive impact on other people who tend to get carried along with 9s energies.

♥  9s have hidden depths as they have a great deal of sympathy and understanding for their fellow human beings.  They are non-judgemental of others and are happy to accept people for what they are.

♥  Destined to travel a true humanitarian path and are here to make sacrifices for those less fortunate than themselves; make for an excellent doctor, scientist or charity worker.

♥  These sophisticated individuals are very selfless souls and are often patient, trustworthy and honorable from the very beginning to the end of their lives. They are all about spirituality.

♥  Part of a 9’s path is to express spiritual principles through actions rather than through preaching or proselytizing.

♥  The Karmic responsibility of the 9 on the Earth plane is through humanitarian concepts.

♠♠ Your challenge is to let go of material possession and relationships when they have outlived their purposes.  ♦♦

Your purpose is to work in any field that benefits mankind.

☼  Negative Characteristics  ☼

○  A forceful and uncompromising approach to life will get many Number 9s where they want to be but can cause other people great distress.  Number 9s do not enjoy conflict or hurting others, and so this aspect of their character needs to be kept in check.

○  It is important for Number 9s to recognize that, unlike themselves, not everyone finds it easy to bounce back from disappointments and that other people may hurt for a long time after they have moved on.

○  Quick tempers are common amongst Number 9s, as is a tendency to lash out at whoever is nearest.

○  Number 9s are often guilty of being self-centred and of not listening to others.  They have such a belief in themselves that they are not willing to listen to the opinions of others, which can cause resentment.


♥ Number 9s are an attractive lot.  If they lack traditional charms, they will certainly compensate with more than a fair measure of sex appeal.  Never short of admirers, Number 9s tend to enjoy a hectic love life.

♥  Number 9s are in love with the idea of being in love  –  they  adore romantic gestures and are easily won over by candlelit dinners and poetry.  Once Number 9s fall in love, they will swear their undying love and devotion  –  this will not necessarily be reciprocated by the object of their desire.  If they receive a cautious response, they will decide that the relationship is not for them and will look elsewhere.  Number 9s thrive on passion and excitement, and a relationship lacking these qualities is unlikely to satisfy them.

♥  Relationships are very important to Number 9s and they will be loving and affectionate partners.  They will ensure that romance and passion are kept alive in their relationships.  However, their emotional and passionate natures can cause problems.  They are very susceptible to jealousy and are likely to create scenes and throw tantrums if they feel they have grounds for suspicion or are faced with the behavior of a flirtatious partner.


♦ Number 9s will have a busy and hectic social life and will never be short of invitations to social gatherings.  Small gatherings of close friends are the ideal social occasions for Number 9s.

♦ Number 9s have a liking for life’s luxuries and are often found dining out at extravagant restaurants. At home, a bottle of fine wine will usually accompany every meal.

♦ An appreciation of the finer things in life will be reflected throughout the homes of Number 9s if finances permit.


♠ High pressure jobs appeal to Number 9s.  They enjoy having to think on their feet and meet tight deadlines.  Pressure motivates Number 9s, and the right environment they can excel.  They have great vision and are prepared to take bold steps that more cautious souls would shy away from.

♠ In careers, Number 9s like variety and will often change jobs on a regular basis in search of new and bigger challenges.  Number 9s need work that constantly presents new challenges in commitment.  Once established in a career that suits their personalities, Number 9s have the potential to rise to the very top.

♠ Number 9s are suited to careers in journalism, the police force or armed forces, the medical profession, stockbroker or financial sector. These individuals make great environmentalists, teachers, artists, priests and healers.

♠ In dealing with colleagues, Number 9s should try to limit their criticisms and be patient with people who do not work at the frantic pace that they opt for.  Number 9s will give credit where it is due and will be the first to applaud another colleague’s hard work and input.


♠ They appear to have many creative talents and unique abilities.

♠ Seem to be determined to live their lives as they chose


♣ The Humanitarian ♣

♪♫ Tolerant, compassionate and kind in their interactions with other people, they are charitable and forgiving individuals who are willing to give anyone a second chance; other people’s opinions are important to them and they rarely take any form of action without consulting someone else first. They pursue equality and harmony in their lives and are accepting of everyone’s uniqueness.

♪♫ They may become disillusioned and frustrated by the lack of harmony in the world.

♪♫ You express yourself best by seeking truth.

♪♫ Born with an innate understanding of human nature, these kind, considerate and compassionate individuals are often also blessed with literary or artistic gifts as well.

Your highest potential in life is to achieve enlightenment.

♪♫ 9 is wisdom and responsibility and the ultimate goal is to serve humanity; you have come to serve the world and make it a better place for all to live in.

♪♫ 9 represents human’s ‘earthly lesson’, which is ‘forgiveness’ and to learn selflessness and compassion.

People with the 9 energy work without motive.  Their purpose is for the greatest good of all.  They have a protective energy and they have great power and love in their soul.

♥♥ They are aware that they have come with a mission that adheres to the principle of Universal Love and compassion.  They will grow and learn throughout their lifetime tolerance, compassion, selflessness and generosity.  There is a great strength of character within the 9 person, as well as wisdom, intuition and high idealism.  There is also a great deal of warmth of feeling and love of home, family and friends. ♥♥


♥♦♣♠ Minister, Reverend, occultist, metaphysician, literary field, designer, nursing, social worker, body worker, holistic health, composer, teacher, scientist, actor, artist, craftsperson, painter, architect, counsellor or diplomat, world/community leader ♠♣♦♥


♪♫ Personal Year is one of completion and marks the ‘beginning of the ending’ of everything you have managed to accomplish during the last decade. This is a year of endings and completion. It is a time to clear out and rid oneself of all that is not longer useful or needed in one’s life. De-clutter physically, mentally and emotionally.

☺It is a year of great changes, though these changes may not be fully recognized at the time.

☺This is the year you ‘reap what you sow’. Whatever you have been working on in the last 9 years will finally pay off.

☺ It is a year of squaring old debts, and extending forgiveness to all of those to whom you are at cross purposes.  There is a strong sense of humanitarian responsibility, tolerance and improved understanding present during this year.

☺ This is an uncomfortable year for many individuals, especially if they are unable to embrace change. You may feel restless and things that used to interest you may be replaced by new desires. If you are not able to let go of the past willingly, a situation may manifest that forces you to change. Success and happiness come in this year through being emotionally detached and letting go of whatever starts to leave one’s life. There will be some loss through this year. Clear your space for new beginnings. De-clutter physically, mentally and emotionally and resolve old family issues.

☺ The Personal Year is a cleansing year, between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.  It is also a time for metaphysical studies and writing.  It is a year that is suited to travel, especially for long journeys.  It is also a year to make new and exciting friendships, and the termination of old relationships that are no longer necessary in one’s life.

☺ Manifesting peace and harmony in all aspects of your life is possible and is a key to your personal happiness.

The 9 Personal Year invites you to pay special attention to your inner world. You have graduated from a cycle of experience. It is a time for completing many areas of experience so that you can move freely into the next cycle ahead without carrying forward outgrown or unneeded baggage. There is a letting go of the old as anticipation of future possibilities exists within you. Gratefulness and compassion are especially important at this time.


♪♫ They will feel vibrant power in every action but it needs to be remembered that all ambition must be tempered with wisdom.


♥ Photography; so a camera, picture frame or photography paraphernalia make ideal gifts.


♪♫ The energies and attributes come into play throughout the month of September, making it a month of conclusions and endings; opportunities to see things from a clear perspective and integration of the ‘three worlds’ – physical, intellectual, spiritual.

♪♫ The vibration of the number 9 gives us the ability to understand our own personal truths and live with integrity.  September is a month where you may consider all you’ve achieved (or not achieved) so far this year, then make appropriate plans to either keep up the positive flow, or change the situation/s if they’ve not been running as you’d like them to.

☻☻ Your intuition may be very accurate and insightful throughout September in particular, so take special notice of any distinct messages during this time. ☻☻

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  1. THE NINTH THEORY June 6, 2015 / 4:18 pm

    Oh for the love of…. for somebody who uses them all the time you would think I would have caught on to that. Thank you for compliment and THANK YOU for pointing that out! Forever grateful : ))


  2. maffblogger June 6, 2015 / 10:59 am

    Some wonderful artwork to be found here, I’m very happy (= couldn’t help but noticing though, isn’t IV the number 4 in roman numerals? I feel like this about the number 9 :/


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