Venus in Leo Has Begun

June 5th to July 18th; then Venus goes into Virgo and will retrograde back into Leo from July 31st to October 8th, 2015.


July 25, 2017 Venus stations retrograde at Zero Virgo. When Venus stations retrograde she is always visible in the evening sky. Within about two weeks Venus disappears from the evening sky on Aug 09, 2015 to begin her 5 to 7 day journey with the Sun, essentially dying to her previous form.

On August 16, 2015 Venus meets with the Sun (interior conjunction at 23 Leo) in a metamorphosis process preparing for rebirth into an entirely new incarnation changing from Capricorn to Leo. This transformation occurs within 7 degrees of the magical fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion.

The Sun Venus conjunction symbolizes the complete Shamanic death of Venus as she prepares for her rebirth into her next expression of the feminine. Then Venus (18 Leo) rises dramatically before the Sun as a morning star on or near August 22 signalling the start of the new Venus cycle. Venus is now integrating the Leo mysteries, an expression of the Solar Feminine into the collective feminine psyche of humanity for the next 584 days.


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