Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds: Part I Akasha

  • the expanding universe; mass/matter/energy and the vibratory field
  • Indra’s Net of Jewels, described as a holographic universe where even the smallest stream of light contains the complete pattern of the whole.
  • Fractals, discovered in the 1980s by Mandelbrot; patterns in nature. Equations when repeated produce an unending array of changing mathmatical or geometrical forms within a limited framework (limited BUT infinite). They have been called the “thumbprint of God”. Fractals are inherently chaotic- full of noise and order.
  • When consciousness becomes perfectly still the illusion is understood, because it is consciousness itself that drives the illusion.
  • Nada Brahma- the universe is sound
  • (18:00) @ CERN the Higgs boson or God particle proves scientifically that an invisible energy field fills the vacuum of space.
  • German writer and luminary Wolfgang Von Goethe “the wave is the primordial phenomenon which gave rise to the world.”
  • Cymatics “the study of visible sound”
  • Gong vibrating water Alexander Lauterwasser
  • Ernst Chladni, musician and physicist; the first to study wave phenomenon. He discovered that by spreading sand on metal plates, and vibrating the plates with a violin bow the sand arranged itself into patterns. These are called Chladni Figures and some resemble geometric patterns that can be found in nature.
  • Hans Jenny, 1960’s,various fluids and electronic amplifications to generate sound frequencies: “cymatics”; run simple sine waves through a dish of water, you can see patterns, depending on frequency, different patterns appear. The higher the frequency, the more complex the pattern. (These forms are repeatable, not random)
  • Water is highly impressionable: it can receive and hold onto vibration. Because of high resonance capacity and sensitivity and inner readiness to resonate- the water responds to all types of sonic waves.
  • Logos, the unconcealed truth; he who knows Logos, knows truth. The fundamentally unknowable, origin of repetition, pattern and form. The divine animating, principle pervading the universe. Everywhere and in all things. It is that which the unmanifest becomes manifest.
  • One is taught to directly perceive directly perceive the Logos, the field of change or impermanence within oneself through meditation.
  • Bodhisattva: awakened and vows to awaken every being in the universe; realizing there is only one consciousness. To awaken one’s true self, one must awaken all beings.

There are innumerable sentient beings on the universe,

I vow to help them all to awaken.

My imperfections are inexhaustible,

I vow to overcome them all.

The Dharma is unknowable,

I vow to know it.

The way of awakening is unattainable,

I vow to attain it.


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