Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds: Part II Spirals

  • Golden Key intelligence of the Logos or the Primordial Spiral
  • To Plato, the world’s soul binds together into one harmonic resonance.
  • Venus transit over an 8 year period creates a pentagon.
  • The hara (or belly) where chi is centered.
  • The Enterjc Nervous System
  • To balance the power of the spiral with the stillness of your witnessing consciousness is to align with your full evolutionary potential. To blossom into the unique multi-faceted being you were designed to be.
  • Ida: feminine, moon channel/right brain
  • Pingala: masculine, sun channel/left brain
  • When these two channels are in balance, energy flows up a third channel: sushumna, along the center of the spine, energizing the chakras and unlocking one’s full evolutionary potential.

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